Our Portfolio

Transforming the grant-making process

Office-spaces complex in central Be’er Sheva

A unique innovation-focused investment fund

Automatic metadata discovery and data lineage for BI

SIBF Portfolio

(by OXen9)

P2P crowd-mapping technology

Create a pro-quality video in no-time

The next generation of vacuum electronics

Real-time vision analysis and decision-making software

Everything you need in one cloud-based broadcast

Innovative and unique Fantasy Sport platform

Disrupting the concept of alga-culture industrial manufacturing

Connecting non-profit organizations to philanthropy


Helps people break away from their patterns of thinking

Revolutionary solution for herbicide resistant weeds

What we do

as a tech and startup incubator

Fostering Entrepreneurs

We lead our tech companies to success with a practical, cohesive approach, relying on our combined expertise, connections and talents. We fosters entrepreneurs provides all necessary parts to success, from building the fund strategy, Go to Market strategy, management, development and sales. Oxen9 is a private equity and business incubation firm.

Investor Relationships

OXEN9 Group manages investments in Israeli companies. The group connects investors from around the world with leading Israeli entrepreneurs and manages investments for them.


The group locates promising channels and investment in real estate, technology companies, startups, in the defense industry and projects with a strong social impact.